Photo by Creative Commons
Photo by Deven D'Eon
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Photo by Russian Federation Website/USAID Administrator
Photo by Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian
Photo by Политика сегодня: Россия США Украина
Photo by U.S. Navy

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Human Rights

American Couple Kidnapped As Situation In Haiti Worsens

On March 18th, an American couple visiting family in Haiti were kidnapped from a bus outside of Port-au-Prince and are currently being held for ransom by gang members. Violence and kidnappings have become commonplace as the humanitarian crisis in Haiti continues to worsen.

Inside The Wire

Linkedin’s Ongoing Problem With Fake Profiles

“Another interesting thing about this message is that it is clearly part of a bigger scheme.”

Career Insights

Essential Things To Know To Work In National Critical Infrastructure Positions

“The officers in these agencies are highly trained, as they secure some of the most important assets in the nation such as nuclear devices and material…”

Career Insights

Essential Things To Know If You Want To Become A Swat Operator

“Once an officer has demonstrated proficiency in exercising his or her duties as a law enforcement officer…”

National Security

Ukraine’s Draft Bill Seeks To Absorb It Army

“For Ukraine, these experienced IT security professionals immediately augment current cybersecurity capabilities.”

Foreign Affairs

Could The U.s. Government Escalate Actions Against The Cartels?

“Recently, four Americans and one Mexican woman were…”